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Medical Massage Therapies

Our bones, muscles, and joints are designed to work together to support, propel, and safeguard our lives.

When our bodies experience stress due to injury, it tends to tighten up. Which can greatly affect the surrounding muscles, causing the kinetic chain to not work properly.

This natural, evolutionary response plays a key role in our survival. However, tight, clinched muscles cause unnecessary pain and decreased range of motion and mobility. Chronically tensed muscles also present a higher likelihood of injury compared to a body in a more relaxed, pliable state.

Effective medical massage therapies balance and enhance our bodies’ natural restorative process. By identifying the specific source of discomfort and employing the right combination of stretching, cupping, and positive/negative pressure, we can release tensions, loosen tightened muscles, and restore the body to its full, natural resting length.

Medical Massage Therapies

100-minute session: $150
  • Surgery & physical therapy are not always enough to get you back to your usual self
  • Our medical massage therapies can help fast-track your journey back to health
  • Muscles are our thing! We can help you increase range-of-motion, decrease chances of re-injury and reduce your recovery time
  • Perfect for conditions like Frozen shoulder, Plantar fasciitis, Neck/back sprains & strains, Joint issues, and Muscle-related ailments

100-minute session: $150
  • Tight, achy hips, strained eyes and wrists, and pain in the lower back, shoulders, and neck are the top 5 complaints of the modern office workforce
  • Our bodies are not designed to spend excessive amounts of time sitting down, staring at a monitor
  • Ergonomic workspaces, looking away from the computer every 20 to 30 minutes, and frequent back, neck, and shoulder stretches are not enough
  • Regular regenerative massage sessions involving stretching, deep tissue, and both positive/negative pressure can help avoid and mitigate unnecessary pain, injury, and loss of mobility

I have been a client of Rod’s for over 2 years. Rod is the BEST therapist I have ever experienced. There are so many reasons to love his service. 1. Convenience- he comes right to your door so you don’t have to leave your house and deal with traffic. 2. You get a much longer massage with Rod. The chain places only give you 80 minutes even though they call it a 90 minute massage. 3. His technique is superior to massages at the chain stores and he is always learning more innovative ways to heal your aches and pains. Rod is the best! I highly recommend him.

Andrea Kroger

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