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At Perfect Touch Mobile Massage, we value every one of our clients and delight in helping to solve their unique ‘muscle-puzzle’.

We appreciate everyone who takes a moment to share their experiences, and always proudly showcase any testimonials we receive.

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So here is the deal. Rod is THE best massage therapist. Add to the fact he comes to you! Now you not only get a top tier massage but you don’t have to leave home for it. No traffic and no worrying about dealing with other people at a location. Plus he is top notch with taking care you.

Jute Williams

My husband and I have experienced The Perfect Touch Mobile Massage’s services multiple times. Rod is wonderful. He really knows his biology of the human body and is very specific with how he handles your aches and pains. I always feel incredibly relaxed afterwards, and it’s EXTRA great that I can just go from the massage table to my couch or bed, if I want to continue the relaxation…Highly recommend Rod and his services!

Ada Stevens

I’ve never had a massage like the one I received last week. It was incredible ever since then I felt like a whole new person. I feel five years younger and the fact that I didn’t even have to leave my home means I will definitely be booking again!

Charlie Eaton

Rod’s chair massages are hands-down the best thing you can offer to a business client (no pun intended)! I’ve worked alongside Rod in a number of corporate/trade events, and he’s always the most popular guy in the room.
He’s not kidding when he says his “Massage-a-gram” is the best way to stay in touch with your favorite customers (pun intended).
Dan Eicher

I have been a client of Rod’s for over 2 years. Rod is the BEST therapist I have ever experienced. There are so many reasons to love his service. 1. Convenience- he comes right to your door so you don’t have to leave your house and deal with traffic. 2. You get a much longer massage with Rod. The chain places only give you 80 minutes even though they call it a 90 minute massage. 3. His technique is superior to massages at the chain stores and he is always learning more innovative ways to heal your aches and pains. Rod is the best! I highly recommend him.
Andrea Kroger

I have used Rod’s mobile services a few times and never regret it. He is very experienced and always seems to know exactly what work to do when I have pain. He employs techniques you may not have experienced like active-assisted stretching. He sets you at ease too while walking you through the work, asking about pain tolerance and keeping in touch with your body’s reaction and adjusting accordingly. He also gives recommendations going forward to help correct your body’s dysfunction. I always get the 100 min massage, and guess how long it lasts? 100 minutes!!! No short changing you like the local chains do. Oh, and once you are done, your melted muscles are already home! Highly recommend Rod!
Michelle Deem

Comes to your home and relieves all your aches and pains. Best ever!!!

Daniel Papandrea

Rod has come to our home several times for massages and every time I feel so much better for weeks! He has an incredible list of tools that he uses to alleviate different aches and pains. The convenience factor alone is worth it, but it’s the best massage I’ve ever received.
Parker Ward III

My wife was able to use his service as a gift for her client. The client LOVED it! Mobile Massage is a great gift. Rodney is a great guy and professional.
Santos Serrano

Just like Amazon comes to your home to bring you stuff, Rod will come to your home to bring you the perfect massage you ever had. Highly recommend him!
Cosmin Bogdan

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