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Wellness Massage Therapies

Wellness massage is often associated with a meditative, spa-like pursuit of inner peace.

While the mind-body connection is important to our overall health, our customers’ goals for their wellness massage therapy are often more measurable and concrete.

No matter what role we play in daily life – executive, assistant, parent, partner – we need to be able to make decisions as we navigate through the world. Decisions that very often impact not just us but others in our community.

Very often, the greater our influence, the more these stresses manifest in the form of irritability, migrain and tension headaches, and other common stress-related health problems.

The Perfect Touch Wellness Massage Therapies are designed to help ease physical reactions to mental and emotional stressors.

Discover your Reset button! Let us develop custom massage therapies to provide strategic stretching, proper muscle alignment, and a peaceful state of mind. 

Wellness Massage Therapies

100-minute session: $150
  • Modern medicine helps more people to live longer, healthier lives
  • But the natural effects of the aging process remain inevitable
  • Lack of stimulation causes our musculature system to weaken and atrophy, increasing the risk of mobility-related injuries
  • Don’t let annoying aches and pains from old sprains and strains from your past impact your future
  • Regenerative massage techniques help you regain/retain flexibility, mobility, and range of motion for as long as possible
100-minute sessions: $150
  • Custom-tailored massage session addressing the cause of head, back, and shoulder pain common among office workers
  • Help reverse the effects of prolonged sitting, bending/hunching shoulders, or repetitive hand/wrist movements
  • Eliminate migraine and tension headaches that cause you to under-perform under pressure and in crucial times during meetings
  • Regular massage sessions decrease the stresses of work & home as well as help you make better decisions, boost your energy levels, and enhance your sleep
100-minute session: $150
  • Nurturing a new life is one of the most generous acts a body can provide
  • After so many physical, hormonal, and emotional changes, your body deserves a little TLC
  • Massage has been proven to promote pain relief, muscle relaxation, joint relief, and the flushing out of toxins
  • In addition, postpartum massage helps regulate hormones, increase milk production, and reduce swelling
  • Effective self-care promotes the physical healing, mental acuity, and emotional stability necessary to care for a precious newborn

Comes to your home and relieves all your aches and pains. Best ever!!!

Daniel Papandrea

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